Beauty Therapy

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Beauty Therapy

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Learning about Beauty Therapy means fully understanding a therapist's role, gaining confidence and knowledge on the proper use of make-up products, knowing how to improve your customer's appearance and condition of the skin, nails and treatment of hair.

With an extensive look into skin care as well as the Health and Safety aspects of working in the Beauty Industry, this course gives you the confidence to operate both in a salon as well as on your own, when visiting a client's home.

Please see below more information on some of the modules included in this course.

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Module one

Introduction to Beauty Therapy

This module will focus on introducing you to the beauty industry as well as health and safety aspects and your legal duties as a beauty therapist.

  • Recommended study time: 3-4 hours
Module Three

Skin - How to take care of it

This part of the course starts with an analysis of the skin and focuses on learning about the latest techniques in skincare and how lifestyle and the environment can affect skin condition. You will also learn how to analyse a client's skin condition and design a skincare treatment that suits their particular circumstances, whether it's ageing, poor condition or just routine maintenance.

  • Recommended study time: 3-4 hours
module eight

The 3 P's of Make Up

Explore different types of make-up products and learn how and when to use them. Discover how to adapt make-up treatments to different occasions and gain the skills you need to plan, prepare and provide make-up treatments.

  • Recommended study time: 3-4 hours


Q: Can anyone register for the course?

A: Yes. Anyone over the age of 16 can purchase and complete the course. If you wish to purchase this for someone under the age of 16 please contact the main office:

Q: Do I require previous experience in Beauty Therapy to be able to complete this course?

A: No. You do not require previous experience in Beauty Therapy to be able to complete the course. This is because we believe in making home study - and success - as accessible to you as possible. We want to reward you for taking action!

Q: What does the future hold, once you've completed the course?

A: You can choose to further advance your knowledge into Beauty Therapy and specialize on a certain technique or treatment or you can choose to begin or continue your career in the beauty industry. You may wish to use the knowledge to work in an established salon, or to set up a business of your own.

Q: How will I be assessed?

A: Throughout the course, there will be a series of multiple choice questions to assess your understanding of the modules you have just learnt about. These are just knowledge checks and you are not required to pass them in order to complete the course. At the end of each module you will receive one or more assignments. You require 75% mark per assignment in order to receive a certificate of achievement. The assessments can be retaken as many times as necessary in order for you to achieve your 75% passing mark. SMART Majority is a registered online education provider with the board of UK Register of Learning Providers in the UK and Ireland (Reg. No. 10044598) and our certificates reflect that.

Q: Hours of study?

A: We recommend that you spend 3-4 hours of studying per module.

Q: How long can I access my course for?

A: You can access your course for 3 months from time of purchase. Should you require additional time, you can contact us on to extend. A charge will apply.

Q: Course code?

A: The course code is BTO. Please use this code in all communications about the course.

Q: Course price?

A: The full price for this course is £399. For full terms and conditions: Click here

Q: Additional Fees?

A: No additional fees apply.

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