It's All About Time


When you take a course at Smart Majority, you typically have three months from the date of registration to complete your course. Why three months, though? Why not longer? Why can't you just take your own time and get it done in whatever amount of time you want?

Those are legitimate questions, and there are definitely legitimate answers for them!

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Taking an Online Course... When You're Really Not So Tech-Savvy


Okay, so if you're reading this blog, you're probably taking at least one online course from Smart Majority. Right? And I'm betting that one of the reasons you chose this platform is because of the ease of taking courses from home. Also right?

But what if you're one of the (many) people out there who is taking an online course, but you're... um... let's say... "technologically challenged"? Believe me, this does happen. Quite a lot, in fact. I've been teaching online university courses for a number of years, and there are many people who register for my courses who really don't know their way around a computer at all.


Don't be. You can overcome this.

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Deconstructing a Smart Majority Course Module


Modules? Lessons? Why both? And what' the difference?

Good questions. At Smart Majority, we make sure that each of our courses is broken down into a number of modules (usually about 8-15, depending on the depth of the course) and that each module is broken down into lessons (anywhere from 5-12 or so, depending on how detailed each module needs to be).

Why not just present each module as a lesson? And why is it necessary to keep breaking things down? What's that all about?

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When You Disagree with Your Class Instructor's Feedback: Working it Out


When we're taking a class and hand in our first assignment, one of the first things we are typically looking forward to afterward is receiving feedback from the instructor. What was my grade? How did I do? What did she think of my writing? (Am I right?) Most of the time, the feedback is generally favorable; however, there are times when we get feedback that really throws us for a loop. It's not something we expected to hear. After all, if I turned in what I felt was my very best work, then I should not be reading that the instructor feels my writing isn't very good or that I didn't do the assignment correctly. It's disheartening, and let's face it: it really deflates our egos.

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The Not-So-Fun Part: Handling Constructive Criticism


Let's face it. Practically nobody enjoys receiving criticism, even if it is designed to be "constructive". By nature, we just don't like to be told that we haven't done something well or that we need to improve in one or more areas. (I know that I don't, anyway.) However, receiving and dealing with constructive criticism is a necessary part of life when we are working at a job and/or taking a class. In this article, we will discuss ways in which you can, perhaps, deal with that criticism a little bit easier.

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Busting the Myths about Online Courses


You've signed up for an online course (or maybe two), but you're running into snags along the way. Maybe there are some things about studying online that the so-called "experts" didn't tell you before you signed on for this. In the next few paragraphs, we will explore three of the most common myths about taking online courses and will explain why these just aren't true.

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Putting our Priorities in Order


How many times have you heard the expression, "He really needs to get his priorities in order"? Or maybe someone has said to you that YOU need to get your priorities in order. But how do you do that? And how do you know which activities are your priorities in the first place? Or which things should be your priorities?

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Highlighting Smart Majority's Business Classes


There's an old book that was on the market years ago called How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Perhaps you've heard of it. (It's pretty old.) Yes, it was a great read, but the truth of the matter is that you can't really succeed in business without trying. The title was very catchy, however, so lots and lots of people read the book. And don't get me wrong... it was a good book. But again, being a success without trying is very likely not going to happen.

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Avoiding Burnout: Tips to Stay Balanced and Sane


We've all been there... Too much work, too much stress, too much family stuff to deal with. Eventually it gets the best of us, and we crash and burn. Burnout is a perfectly normal experience, and it is bound to happen every once in a great while. But how often is too often? And what steps can we take to avoid it? In this blog, we are going to discuss several tips that will undoubtedly help you to avoid the Burnout Blues.

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Playing Catch-Up: Retrieving "Lost" Time


Time is, indeed, a precious commodity. In fact, if someone were to ask me, "Laura, what is the one thing (other than your immediate family) that you value the most?" I would have to answer that it is my time. I guard my time jealously, ever-vigilant of those who are out to waste it, and I don't take kindly to losing valuable hours in the day.

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