HR Management Course Certification Level 2

HR Management Course Certification Level 2

This course is composed of 63 modules available for you to access and review at your own pace. Purchase this course for just £499.

HR Management Course Certification Level 2

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Are you looking to change careers? Update your HR skills for 2017? Or maybe your CV just needs a facelift – whatever the reason, this is your one stop shop for up-to-date, Human Resource training.

In this first of two online courses, you will learn about three key areas of Human Resource management:

  • Absence Management
  • Interview Skills
  • Conflict Management


This course is completely up to date with the latest industry requirements, including legislation and work regulations. 

You will enjoy in-depth, well-organised material spanning topics like absences vs. leaves, statutory sick pay, benchmarking, discipline, how to spot conflict, and more. The course material also includes 10+ exercises and 3 workbooks based on what you will be learning, along with downloadable summary notes.

Who is this course for:

  • Team leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • HR professionals
  • Anyone involved in or looking to be involved in the management of people
  • Customer-facing employees
  • Buyers and sellers


Upon successful review, you will receive a certificate for each of the key areas included in the course.

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Module Overview

1 Introduction 6 Reasons for Absence
2 Absence Management 7 Causes of Sickness
3 Absence vs Leave 8 Stage 1
4 Types of Leaves and Absences 9 Sickness - Contract Analysis
5 Classifying Absence 10 Example of Self Certification Form
11 Employment Policies and Procedures 16 Statutory Position
12 Sickness Policy and Procedures 17 Statutory Sick Pay
13 Long-term Absence Due to Illness or Injury 18 Introduction to Costing Absence
14 Stage 2 19 Costing Absence
15 Records 20 Benchmarking
21 Stage 3 26 Return to Work Form
22 Communication 27 Traditional Approaches to Controlling Absence
23 Professional Advice 28 Traditional Approaches to Controlling Absence - Capability
24 Workplace 29 Capability Policy
25 Disability, Discrimination 30 Discipline
31 Wellbeing 36 Case study
32 Wellbeing Example Health and Wellbeing at Work Strategic Plan 37 Summary notes
33 Other Initiatives 38 Conflict Management
34 Culture 39 How to Spot Conflict
35 Fit Notes 40 Why conflict can be difficult to resolve
41 Positions and Interests 46 Conflict resolution model
42 Case Study and Exercise 47 Resolving Conflict Between Others
43 The Stages of Conflict 48 Summary
44 The Five Methods of Managing Conflict 49 Interview Skills
45 Resolving Conflicts You Are Involved In 50 The Selection Interview
51 Diversity and Equality of Opportunity 56 First Impressions
52 What do you think diversity is? 57 The Interview Phase
53 The PRICE Structure 58 Active listening
54 The Preparation Phase 59 The Close Phase
55 The Rapport Phase 60 The Evaluation Phase
61 Summary    
62 Extra Resources    
63 Certification Rules    

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