Nutrition 1.0

Nutrition 1.0

This course is composed of 16 modules available for you to access and review at your own pace. Purchase this course for just £399.

Nutrition 1.0

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As a nutritional advisor, your role is to help people and advise them on how to address their nutritional challenges. You will learn about the value of food and exercise as well as diet planning and education to help people live healthy lives and maintain healthy eating habits.

With so many of us trying to eat healthier and wanting to improve our well-being, nutritionists have never been in more demand. This course will help you get all the knowledge you need to start your career as a nutrition adviser as well as help you understand the relationship between nutrition and weight loss - a useful skill when your client's goal is to reach a certain weight. You will look at specialist diets and learn when to recommend them and will get to know how to identify common dietary allergies and intolerances as well.

During this course you will also receive information and assistance in setting up your own business, learn how to launch a respectable website for your business and the much needed skills to acquire that all important following and client base.

The course is fully supported by a tutor and a support team ready to answer any questions you might have and a certificate is received upon completion.

Please see below more information on some of the modules included in this course.

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Nutrition 1.0
Module one

Common health and dietary issues for adults

As adults, many individuals have concerns about their health and these days diet is a major issue in terms of maintaining a healthy diet. This introductory module will focus on all of these issues as well as other underlying issues that concert poor health due to diet for adults.

  • Recommended study time: 3-4 hours
Nutrition 1.0
Module Five

Diet suggestions for adult obesity

More and more people and children are being diagnosed with obesity. This module focuses on positive reinforcement and empowerment, by helping your clients to have a new, healthy relationship with food. You will learn effective ways of helping your clients change their lifestyle and create new healthy habits, which not only will give them better health but will also teach them lifelong lessons.

  • Recommended study time: 3-4 hours
Nutrition 1.0
module eight

Stress and depression and the role nutrition plays

An overwhelming number of people are in today's world affected by depression and stress, and in some cases both. As a nutritional adviser, treating adults and teenagers with these types of conditions might be quite a common requirement. As such, this module is focused on helping you understand these conditions, so that you can understand your client's situation better and as such support them on their journey.

  • Recommended study time: 3-4 hours


Q: Can anyone register for the course?

A: Yes. Anyone over the age of 16 can purchase and complete the course. If you wish to purchase this for someone under the age of 16 please ensure they have parental consent and for questions please contact the main office:

Q: Do I require previous knowledge to be able to complete this course?

A: No. You do not require previous experience or qualifications in nutrition to be able to complete the Nutrition 1.0 course. This is because we believe in making home study - and success - as accessible to you as possible. We want to reward you for taking action! You will find it beneficial, however if you have basic knowledge of using the internet and Microsoft Word

Q: What does the future hold, once you've completed the course?

A: You might choose to continue your learning experience and gain more knowledge in a specific field of nutrition, such as different specialised diets, which are always popular, or you might start your business and turn your skill into a profitable business.

Q: How will I be assessed?

A: During this 16 module course, students are assessed through a series of assignments which check their understanding of each module.
In order to receive a certificate of achievement, students are required to achieve a passing grade of 75% or higher for each assignment.
The assessments can be retaken as many times as necessary in order for you to achieve your 75% passing mark.
SMART Majority is a registered online education provider with the board of UK Register of Learning Providers in the UK and Ireland (Reg. No. 10044598) and our certificates reflect that.

Q: What are the hours of study?

A: We recommend that you spend 3-4 hours of studying per module.

Q: Do I get access to a tutor?

A: Yes. Once you have purchased a course and have created your Learning Hub account, you have the opportunity to contact your tutor via your dashboard. Your tutors are available Monday to Friday. Assignments get reviewed once a week and your tutors respond within 24-48 hours.

Q: Is the course compatible with Mac, iPad, and other tablets?

A: Yes, our courses are Mac compatible and many of our learners use Ipads and other tablet devices.

Q: How long can I access my course for?

A: You can access your course for 3 months from time you first created your Learning Hub Account. Should you require additional time, you can contact us on to extend. A charge will apply.

Q: What is the course code?

A: The course code is NIO. Please use this code in all communications about the course.

Q: What is the course price?

A: The full price for this course is £399. For full terms and conditions: Click here

Q: Any additional fees?

A: No additional fees apply.

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