30 Minute Fitness

30 Minute Fitness

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30 Minute Fitness

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Did you know that a research study published in the American Journal of Physiology shows that you can get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle with only 30 minutes of daily exercise? So forget those hour-long workouts: 30 minutes a day is all you need to improve your cardiovascular fitness, build muscle, lose weight, and improve your overall well-being.

This is where 30 Minute Fitness comes in!  In this online course designed exclusively for SMART Majority, we will guide you through dynamic workouts that are built around your busy lifestyle and can be completed in – get ready for it – just 30 minutes a day! Each workout comes fully loaded with videos, instructions, benchmarks, and guidelines to get the most out of your time.

On top of streamlining your daily fitness routine, you will learn how to eat well, stay inspired, and make staying fit a priority. The best part is that you can squeeze all of this into your lunch break! So get ready to finally free up some time for that passion project you’ve been dreaming about, and get fit in just 30 minutes a day. Your new life is waiting!


  • A beautiful, interactive course format optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
  • Enjoy a series of gorgeous exercise & workout videos shot on location in South Africa.
  • Learn 7 unique, 30 minute workouts that will help you fit fitness into the busiest of schedules.
  • Download a 35-page workbook filled with exercises to help you reflect on what you are learning, and a weekly exercise journal to help you track your progress.


  • 57 Modules
  • Learn Online
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Module Overview

1 Course Workbook & Guidelines 6 Benefits of Goal Setting
2 Introduction to 30 Minute Fitness 7 Introduction to Healthy Eating
3 Why 30 Minutes? 8 How to Eat Better
4 The Importance of Fitness Goals 9 Introduction to Exercise
5 What are Goals? 10 The Principles of Exercise
11 What Exercise is Right For Me? 16 How to Fit In Exercise
12 Find the Exercise for You 17 Introduction to 30 Minute Workouts
13 Fitness Mistakes 18 Introduction to Workout One
14 Setting Goals for Exercise 19 Workout One: Cycle 1
15 Time Management 20 Workout One: Cycle 2
21 Workout One: Cycle 3 26 Workout Two: Cycle 3
22 Full Workout One 27 Full Workout Two
23 Introduction to Workout Two 28 Introduction to Workout Three
24 Workout Two: Cycle 1 29 Workout Three: Cycle 1
25 Workout Two: Cycle 2 30 Workout Three: Cycle 2
31 Workout Three: Cycle 3 36 Workout Four: Cycle 3
32 Full Workout Three 37 Full Workout Four
33 Introduction to Workout Four 38 Introduction to Workout Five
34 Workout Four: Cycle 1 39 Workout Five: Cycle 1
35 Workout Four: Cycle 2 40 Workout Five: Cycle 2
41 Workout Five: Cycle 3 46 Workout Six: Cycle 3
42 Full Workout Five 47 Full Workout Six
43 Introduction to Workout Six 48 Introduction to Workout Seven
44 Workout Six: Cycle 1 49 Workout Seven: Flow 1
45 Workout Six: Cycle 2 50 Workout Seven: Flow 2
51 Workout Seven: Flow 3 56 References
52 Full Workout Seven 57 Workbook Submission Guidelines
53 What Happens When You Slip Up?    
54 Involving Others    
55 Conclusion    



What's Included?

This course package includes online access to our 30 Minute Fitness online course, a downloadable course workbook, knowledge checks throughout the course, access to tutor support, an assessment of the course workbook, a certificate upon successful completion, and 3 months of course access time from when you first enroll in the course.


To successfully complete this course and earn a certificate, you must submit the course workbook for assessment. This workbook will be assessed on a Pass/Fail basis. The first assessment of the workbook is included in this course package, and re-submissions will incur a fee. Should you only wish to complete the course for personal experience, and do not require certification, you are not required to submit the workbook.

Tutor Support

This course package includes tutor support, which is available Monday to Friday. You can contact the tutor support team directly from your student dashboard. Tutors respond within 24-48 hours.


Anyone over the age of 16 can purchase and complete this course package. If you are under the age of 16 or wish to purchase this for someone under the age of 16, parental consent is required. Please contact customersupport@smartmajority.com for more information.

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