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Popular courses

We have a range of popular courses to help enhance your already existing skills or gain new knowledge to help advance you in your life pursuits.

The Knowledge To Achieve - The Support To Succeed

This is what drives SMART Majority courses.You can advance your life long education, Build your skills, Highlight your course on your CV, and use as extra motivation to move forward.

Event Planning & Management

This course aims to provide learners with an inside into successful event management, covering topics such as project management, strategic planning, marketing, communications and promotions.

Entrepreneurial Marketing

How do I best leverage my limited resources to overcome challenges? This course aims to clarify key marketing concepts, strategic issues and methods relevant to start-up and early stage entrepreneurs. Because there is no universal marketing solution applicable to all ventures, the goal is to help you gain more flexibility in your approach and way of thinking.

Beauty Therapy 1.0

A brand new course in Beauty Therapy that requires NO previous experience, just loads and loads of passion! Covering topics such as salon etiquette, skin care, facials and how to enhance your customer's facial appearance using Make Up, beauty therapy is a course that not only prepares you for the beauty industry but also offers you the confidence to set up your own business or mobile practice.

Design Thinking in Business

This course aims to provide learners with an overview into the applications of design thinking, the process and the tools used.

Wedding Planning

This is the perfect course for you whether you want to make a career as a wedding planner or whether you are looking at creating that Perfect Day for yourself. More and more people are realising the huge amount of work needed to turn a wedding day ino a success! Maybe you'll love wedding planning so much, you'll want to turn it into your own business.

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