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Welcome to SMART Majority. To help you begin your course successfully, you'll find our fast start guide below.

How to Access Your Courses:

The following step by step guide will help get you started on your new course.

Step 1: Access Your Learning Hub

To access your learning hub go to and click on the Learning Hub tab as shown below:

Step 2: Login to Your Learning Hub

To login to your learning hub, enter the email address and password you used when setting up your account with SMART Majority when you see the login in box below:

Step 3: Start Your Course

After you login in, you will be taken to the dashboard of your learning hub. From here you will notice a list of modules for your courses. To begin your course, please start at module 1 and click launch as shown below:

Step 4: Navigate Through The Module

To naviagte through the content of the modules please click on the next module button at the bottom of the section as shown below and it will take you to the next section of that module:

Step 5: Upload An Assignment

At the end of some of the modules will be an assignment. To upload your completed assignment, click on choose file (as shown below) and select the appropriate file or files from your desktop. You can upload a maximum of five files per assignment and they have to be Microsoft Office compatible. If you have more than five you will need to compile some of them together, so you have no more than five seperate files. Please note that it is important that you do not click on submit your assignment button until you are finished and have uploaded all your files as you will not be able to add any more once you have submitted it.

In the Your Answer/Notes section you can add any notes you might have regarding your assignment. Your feedback gets uploaded once a week and you will receive an email notification once your feedback is available.

Step 6: Knowledge Checks

Some sections of the modules will be knowledge checks, to open these please click on the start button as shown below. You may have to allow pop-ups in your browser for the knowledge checks to open. If you are unsure how to do this please go to your browser settings.

Step 7: Warning Message in Knowledge Checks

If you see the following message when you are opening a knowledge check, simply click OK as shown below and when you have finished the knowledge you just have to click on the cross in the top right hand corner, also shown below.

Step 8: Navigate Back to the Dashboard

When you have completed all the sections of Module 1, you will need to go back to your dashboard. To do this click on the dashboard icon under quick links as shown below:

Step 9: Start Module 2 of Your Course

To start module 2 of your course, find it in the list of modules in your dashboard and click launch as shown below:

Step 10: Complete Your Course

Continue through the modules of your course,one by one and in numberical order. You will receive a new module each week until you have received all the modules for that course. Please note that the new modules are added to the top of the list of courses in the dashboard.

Thank you, the SMART Majority team.

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