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  • “Life is about learning; when you stop learning, you die.”
    Tom Clancy - Novelist

SMART Majority is a place to learn, to better yourself and a guide to living well.
We believe there should be one place you can go to find it all, and whilst we won’t have everything at once, we’ll release new content often. It will take time and we will be improving as we grow - and we look forward to - your feedback, ideas, and support.

Why should you keep learning? Because...

Learners are earners. People who have more varied skills earn more money than those who rely on a less varied set of skills

Learners live better. People who read more, know more and have healthier lives.

Learners are happier. Research shows that depression is lower for adults that are actively learning.

Learners are more social. The Center for Research on the Wider Benefits of Learning states: “personal soft skills such as self-regulation, behavioral management, and social and communication skills are developed in educational settings.”

Learners are more confident. Stretching to try new things and learn new skills increases confidence.

Make yourself comfortable and start learning!