Garden Design & Landscaping

Garden Design & Landscaping

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Garden Design & Landscaping

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Garden design is among the most creative of endeavors, encompassing an understanding of nature and a love of plants. By following the processes described here, you will be well equipped to analyze a site, define its problems and potential, and then develop your ideas into an original and workable design, achieving a professional standard in design and presentation.

As you proceed, you will develop a heightened critical appreciation for gardens in general. Above all, we hope that you use this course to create an outdoor space that is beautiful and thoroughly rewarding!

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Module Overview

1 Introduction to Garden Design & Landscaping 6 Making a Site Survey
2 Introduction to the Design Process 7 Methods of Measurements
3 Stages in the Design Process 8 Rough Sketches
4 Research, Preparation and Appraisal 9 Practical Exercise: Drawing a Rough Sketch Plan
5 Garden Owner's Questionnaire 10 Testing the Soil
11 Recording Soil Samples 16 Practical Exercise: Drawing a Site Survey to Scale
12 Preparing to Draw the Plan 17 Making a Site Inventory
13 Drawing to Scale 18 Practical Exercise: Photographing the Garden
14 Practical Exercise: Practice Drawing to Scale 19 Observing the Setting
15 Choosing an Appropriate Scale 20 Recording Existing Conditions
21 Assessing the Soil 26 Graphic Symbols
22 Legal Considerations 27 Practical Exercise: Drawing a Concept Diagram
23 Practical Exercise: Drawing a Site Inventory 28 Designing with Patterns and Shapes
24 Practical Exercise: Drawing a Site Appraisal 29 Practical Exercise: Exploring Patterns and Designs
25 Introduction to the Design Phase 30 Creating Grids for Different Sites
31 Practical Exercise: Devising Grids for the Site 36 Scale and Proportion
32 Theme Plans 37 Introduction to the Preliminary Garden Layout Plan
33 Practical Exercise: Drawing an Experimental Theme Plans 38 Horizontal Elements
34 Planning an Outdoor Space 39 Paved Areas and Terraces
35 Light 40 Paths
41 Planting Areas 46 Rigid Surfacing
42 Choosing Materials 47 Natural Surfacing
43 Surfacing 48 Maintenance and Alternatives
44 Loose Surfacing 49 Edging
45 Fluid Surfacing 50 Vertical and Overhead Elements
51 Practical Exercise: Drawing the Preliminary Garden Layout Plan 56 The Overhead Plane
52 Vertical Features 57 Garden Furniture
53 Vertical Features 58 Garden Furniture
54 Materials 59 Children’s Play Equipment
55 Structural Planting 60 Lighting
61 Practical Considerations 66 Shape, Form and Texture
62 Practical Exercise: Drawing the Final Garden Layout Plan 67 Seasonal Changes in Plant Compositions
63 Practical Exercise: Drawing the Final Garden Layout Plan 68 Seasonal Changes in Plant Compositions
64 Introduction to the Planting Plan 69 Using Existing Plants
65 Principles of Planting Design 70 Plant Spacing
71 Planting Styles 76 Plant Information Sheet
72 Following the Theme 77 Practical Exercise: Drawing the Planting Plan
73 Introduction to Creating a Planting Plan 78 Practical Exercise: Drawing the Planting Plan
74 The Stages of Planning Planting 79 Mood Boards
75 Plant Categories 80 Practical Exercise: Making a Mood Board
81 Construction 86 Glossary
82 Maintenance and Future Development 87 Final Assignment
83 Maintenance and Future Development 88 Conclusion
84 Designing for a Friend
85 Keeping a Plant Notebook



What's Included?

This course package includes online access to our Garden Design & Landscaping online course, assignments throughout the course, access to tutor support, an assessment of each assignment, a certificate upon successful completion, and 3 months of course access time from when you first enroll in the course.


To successfully complete this course and earn a certificate, you must submit all assignments for assessment. These assignments will be assessed on a Pass/Fail basis. The first assessment of each assignment is included in this course package, and re-submissions will incur a fee. Should you only wish to complete the course for personal experience, and do not require certification, you are not required to submit assignments.

Tutor Support

This course package includes tutor support, which is available Monday to Friday. You can contact the tutor support team directly from your student dashboard. Tutors respond within 24-48 hours.


Anyone over the age of 16 can purchase and complete this course package. If you are under the age of 16 or wish to purchase this for someone under the age of 16, parental consent is required. Please contact for more information.

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