Natural Holistic Beauty and Home Care Remedies Certification

Natural Holistic Beauty and Home Care Remedies Certification

This course is composed of 91 modules available for you to access and review at your own pace. Purchase this course for just $625.

Natural Holistic Beauty and Home Care Remedies Certification

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Have you ever wondered if there are natural and budget-friendly alternatives to more mainstream remedies and products? Have you taken some of our other Natural Holistic online courses, and are curious to learn more ways you can take a natural approach to beauty and home care in particular? Then you’re in the right place!

In this course, we will take you through more than 75 different ways you can incorporate healthy, natural and nourishing ingredients into your daily beauty and home care routines. These easy-to-follow tutorials will help you to live a more natural and holistic lifestyle, and protect your family from the potentially harmful ingredients found in many commercial products. Consider this the ultimate primer on natural beauty and home care!


  • A beautiful, interactive course format optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
  • Enjoy a series of video tutorials demonstrating simple recipes for making your own natural beauty and home care products.
  • Download a 26-page workbook filled with exercises to help you reflect on and apply what you are learning.
  • Enjoy all natural recipes using common, inexpensive ingredients like fruits, oils, herbs, vinegar, flowers, honey, and more!
  • Learn natural, chemical-free alternatives to common household products, including easy to follow recipes.
  • Learn how to create natural alternatives to common commercial beauty products, including cleansers, scrubs, masks, sunscreen and more.


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  • 91 Modules
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Module Overview

1 Course Workbook & Guidelines 6 Cleanser - Cleansing Lotion For Sensitive Skin
2 Introduction to Natural Holistic Beauty and Home Care Remedies 7 Cleanser - Yogurt Cleansing Lotion
3 Introduction to Natural Face Care Tutorials 8 Cleanser - Sensitive Eyes Cleansing Lotion
4 Cleanser - Herbal Cleansing Lotion 9 Cleanser - Calendula Cleanser for Eyes And Lips
5 Cleanser - Essential Oil Facial Cleansing Lotion 10 Cleanser - Oil Cleansing Ritual
11 Scrub - Honey Baking Soda Facial Scrub 16 Scrub - Strawberry Facial Scrub
12 Scrub - Kiwi Facial Scrub 17 Scrub - Tomato Facial Scrub
13 Scrub - Coffee Scrub for Cellulite 18 Scrub - Olive Oil and Brown Sugar Scrub
14 Knowledge Check 19 Mask - Yogurt And Egg Whites Facial Mask
15 Scrub - Oatmeal Scrub For All Skin Types 20 Mask - Cocoa And Coffee Facial Mask
21 Facial - Kombucha SCOBY Facial 26 Moisturizer - All in One Face Cream
22 Facial - Rose Petal Facial 27 Moisturizer - Aloe Vera Face Moisturizer
23 Facial - Strawberry Moisture Mask/Cleanser 28 Moisturizer - Argan Oil Face Cream
24 Peel - Papaya Peel for Face 29 Moisturizer - Facial Moisturizer For Dry Skin
25 Knowledge Check 30 Moisturizer - Facial Moisturizer for Normal Skin
31 Moisturizer - Facial Moisturizer for Oily Skin 36 Sunscreen - Mango Butter Sunscreen
32 Moisturizer - Olive Oil Night Cream 37 Sunscreen - Simple Sunscreen
33 Moisturizer - Super Simple Facial Moisturizer 38 Sunscreen - Strawberry Sunscreen
34 Moisturizer - Vanilla Face Cream 39 Knowledge Check
35 Sunscreen - Calendula Sunscreen 40 Introduction to Natural Tutorials for Body, Hair and Teeth
41 Body - Coffee Tanner 46 Body - Foam Rolling to Reduce Tension and Cellulite
42 Body - Natural Deodorant 47 Hair - Honey Shampoo and Conditioner
43 Body - Nori Body Wrap 48 Hair - Vodka as Shampoo Boost
44 Body - Shower Soother 49 Hair - Lavender Hair Rinse for Dandruff
45 Body - Witch Hazel for Post Hair Removal 50 Hair - Vodka Rosemary Hair Rinse
51 Hair - Natural Hairspray 56 Knowledge Check
52 Hair - Coconut Oil Hair Smoother 57 Introduction to Natural Tutorials for the Home
53 Teeth - Lemon and Salt Teeth Whitener 58 Cleaning - Baking Soda Bathroom Sink Cleaner
54 Teeth - Strawberries to Whiten Teeth 59 Cleaning - Bathroom Grout Cleaner
55 Teeth - Natural Toothpaste 60 Cleaning - Microwave Cleaner with Citrus
61 Cleaning - Natural Bleach Replacement 66 Cleaning - Scented Vinegar Cleaner
62 Cleaning - Natural Garbage Disposal Cleaner 67 Knowledge Check
63 Cleaning - Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner 68 Laundry - Remove Armpit Stains Naturally
64 Cleaning - Orange Clove Vinegar Cleaner 69 Laundry - Remove Red Wine Stains Naturally
65 Cleaning - Vodka to Clean Shiny Surfaces 70 Laundry - Towel Laundry Freshener
71 Laundry - Vodka Spritzer for Clothes 76 Plants - Natural Cut Flower Spray to Extend Blooms
72 Laundry - Natural Potpourri 77 Knowledge Check
73 Pets - Essential Oils to Protect Houseplants from Cats 78 Introduction to Natural Bug and Insect Repellents
74 Pets - Kombucha Scoby Pet Treat 79 Castor Oil Repellant
75 Plants - Kombucha Scoby Natural Plant Fertilizer 80 Essential Oils Bug Spray – Oil Based
81 Essential Oils Bug Spray – Water Based 86 Patchouli Insect Repellent
82 Insect Repellent 87 Peppermint Spray
83 Natural Fly Spray 88 Prevent Fleas Naturally
84 Natural Mosquito Spray 89 Garden Pest Spray
85 Neem Oil Repellent 90 Knowledge Check
91 Workbook Submission Guidelines



What's Included?

This course package includes online access to our Natural Holistic Beauty and Home Care Remedies Certification online course, a downloadable course workbook, knowledge checks throughout the course, access to tutor support, an assessment of the course workbook, a certificate upon successful completion, and 3 months of course access time from when you first enroll in the course.


To successfully complete this course and earn a certificate, you must submit the course workbook for assessment. This workbook will be assessed on a Pass/Fail basis. The first assessment of the workbook is included in this course package, and re-submissions will incur a fee. Should you only wish to complete the course for personal experience, and do not require certification, you are not required to submit the workbook.

Tutor Support

This course package includes tutor support, which is available Monday to Friday. You can contact the tutor support team directly from your student dashboard. Tutors respond within 24-48 hours.


Anyone over the age of 16 can purchase and complete this course package. If you are under the age of 16 or wish to purchase this for someone under the age of 16, parental consent is required. Please contact for more information.

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