Tiny Homes Interior Design

  • Learning the principles of interior design is great. I wanted to be creative but lacked confidence. Knowing the basic principles will give me the tools I was lacking. Pamela D.
  • I loved this course. It was very easy to understand and the content made me want to continue reading. Would recommend this training to anyone. Jesse T.
  • Great material! I loved everything about it! Especially for a newbie like myself. Christina M.

Course Overview

This course will introduce you to the latest craze in interior design: decorating tiny homes.


8 Modules

57 Lessons

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Course Value $550

Course Description

It seems like everyone is downsizing! If you are new to interior design or simply hoping to expand your knowledge, in this course we will be focusing on designing on the small scale, as well as repurposing furniture and upcycling. Get ready to transform tiny homes using design techniques that really make small spaces work.

Module 1 • 11 Lessons Title: Introduction to Tiny Spaces and Design • Introduction to Tiny Spaces and Design • The Tiny Home Movement • What is Interior Design About? • Interior Design themes: Minimalist • Tropical • African • Asian, British, Contemporary and French • Indian, Italian and Nautical • Retro, Scandinavian and Spanish • The Toolbox • Practical Exercise 1 Module 2 • 7 Lessons Title: A Deeper Understanding of the Concepts of Design • A Deeper Understanding of the Concepts of Design • Colour and Paint • LRV • Application of Concepts Learned to Tiny Designs • Application of Concepts Learned to Tiny Designs Part 2 • Applying the Correct Paint Finish • Practical Exercise 2 Module 3 • 6 Lessons Title: Functionality, Proportion, and Arrangement • Furniture • Functionality • Proportion • Arrangement • Using Wall Space • Practical Exercise 3 Module 4 • 5 Lessons Title: Furniture, Flooring, and Windows • Placements • Flooring Options • Window Treatment Options • General Treatment Tips • Practical Exercise 4 Module 5 • 5 Lessons Title: Accessories • Accessories • Mirror on the Wall • Techniques • Tips • Practical Exercise 5 Module 6 • 7 Lessons Title: Lighting Solutions • Lighting Solutions • Small Lamps • Other Lamps • Wall features • Space Definition with the Use of Lighting • Summary • Practical Exercise 6 Module 7 • 9 Lessons Title: Colour and Paint • Colour • Using Colour • Change Proportions Through Visually Manipulating Ceiling Height • Use Wallpaper, Tiles and Fabric • Consider Unusual Paint Applications and Techniques • Ragging, Sponging and Striae • Drawings and Illustrations Scribing • Key Benefits of Using a Designer to Assist with Color and Paint • Practical Exercise 7 Module 8 • 5 Lessons Title: Furniture and Furnishings • Furniture Selection and Arrangement • Fabric Colors • Use a Designer to Help you Understand How to Arrange Your Furniture • Focus on Flow Between the Architecture and the Furnishings • Key Benefits of Using a Designer for Furniture Selection and Arrangement

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