Floral Design

Floral Design

This course is composed of 107 modules available for you to access and review at your own pace. Purchase this course for just $615.

Floral Design

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Are you looking for a new and exciting outlet for your creative juices? Do you love nature and creating beautiful pieces of living art? Then this is the course for you!

Our Floral Design online course offers you the unique opportunity to learn professional-level floral design and floristry techniques. Explore a new passion, develop a fulfilling hobby, and maybe even turn it into a new business someday!

You will learn how to create 46 beautifully designed arrangements, bouquets and more – from sourcing the materials, through to the final construction. Use the inspiration to create your own unique designs and wow your family and friends!

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Module Overview

1 Introduction to Floral Design 6 Tools of the Trade
2 The Journey of a Cut Flower 7 Health and Safety
3 Peak Periods (UK) 8 Insurances
4 Plant and Flower Nomenclature 9 The Preparation and Conditioning of Flowers
5 Buying Wholesale 10 Controlling the Environmental Conditions
11 Treating with Flower Food 16 Stock Rotation
12 General Conditioning Procedure 17 Assignment 1
13 Types of Stems 18 Texture
14 Exceptions to the Rule 19 Colour – Part 1
15 Revival Methods 20 Colour – Part 2
21 Form 26 Harmony
22 Space 27 Balance
23 Line 28 Contrast
24 Dominance 29 Scale
25 Proportion 30 Rhythm
31 Assignment 2 36 Bouquet in a Ready-Made Frame
32 Tied Bouquet Designs 37 Limited Hand-Tied Bouquet
33 Grouped Textured Bouquet 38 Gift Wrapping Cut Flowers and Foliage
34 Bouquet in a Self-Made Frame (Version 1) 39 Single Flower Cellophane Wrapped
35 Bouquet in a Self-Made Frame (Version 2) 40 Attaching a Bow
41 Bouquet Cone Wrapped with Craft Paper 46 Florist Foam
42 Bouquet Cone Wrapped with Cellophane and Tissue 47 Line Arrangement
43 Flat Pack using Cellophane 48 Symmetrical Design
44 Bouquet of Mixed Flowers, Aqua Packed 49 Asymmetrical Design
45 Containers 50 Candle Arrangement Design
51 Basket Design 56 Wiring Techniques
52 Colored Foam Design 57 Leaf Manipulation Technique: Palm Plaiting
53 Colored Foam Design 58 Leaf Manipulation Technique: Palm Plaiting
54 Parallel Design 59 Leaf Manipulation Techniques: Broad Leaf Manipulation
55 Packaging and Transport of Container Designs 60 Gluing Technique
61 Assignment 3 66 Loose Open Design Bridal Belle Holder
62 Floral Design for Weddings 67 Standard Buttonhole (With Stem)
63 Floral Design for Weddings 68 Standard Buttonhole (With Stem)
64 Single Flower Design Bouquet 69 Non-Standard Buttonhole (Without Stem)
65 Natural Posy Bouquet 70 Line Style Wired Corsage
71 Posy Style Wired Corsage 76 Special Requirements for Headwear
72 Glued Traditional Corsage 77 Wired Alice Band
73 Wristlets 78 Wired Alice Band
74 Glued Wrist Corsage 79 Glued Alice Band
75 Wired Wrist Corsage 80 Wired Hair Comb
81 Foliage Bag Novelty 86 Pew Ends
82 Contemporary Pomander Novelty 87 Tied Pew End
83 Contemporary Pomander Novelty 88 Pew End in Foam
84 Special Occasion and Venue Décor 89 Garlanding
85 Tools Needed for Off-Site Décor 90 Garland with Ready-Made Plastic Frames
91 Foliage Garlands 96 Candelabra Arrangement
92 Cake Decorations 97 Hurricane Lamp Arrangement
93 Cake Topper in Foam 98 Seasonal Designs
94 Topiary Tree 99 Easter Gift Box
95 Raised Vase Arrangement 100 Halloween Design
101 Christmas Door Wreath 106 Career Advice from an Expert
102 Traditional Christmas Advent Design 107 Conclusion
103 Contemporary Christmas Advent Design
104 Christmas Garland
105 Assignment 4



What's Included?

This course package includes online access to our Floral Design online course, assignments throughout the course, access to tutor support, an assessment of each assignment, a certificate upon successful completion, and 3 months of course access time from when you first enroll in the course.


To successfully complete this course and earn a certificate, you must submit all assignments for assessment. These assignments will be assessed on a Pass/Fail basis. The first assessment of each assignment is included in this course package, and re-submissions will incur a fee. Should you only wish to complete the course for personal experience, and do not require certification, you are not required to submit assignments.

Tutor Support

This course package includes tutor support, which is available Monday to Friday. You can contact the tutor support team directly from your student dashboard. Tutors respond within 24-48 hours.


Anyone over the age of 16 can purchase and complete this course package. If you are under the age of 16 or wish to purchase this for someone under the age of 16, parental consent is required. Please contact customersupport@smartmajority.com for more information.

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