The Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet

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The Ketogenic Diet

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Have you heard the terms “keto” and “ketogenic” thrown around recently in relation to eating a low carb diet? Major proponents of this natural holistic approach to eating include Dr. Oz and Dr. Mercola, and for good reason! Benefits of eating a ketogenic diet include: sustainable weight loss; lowered blood pressure and cholesterol; and improved sleep, digestion and energy levels. The keto diet has even been said to help fight and prevent cancer!

So if you are looking for a natural, healthy approach to sustainable weight loss – or simply wish to improve your overall health – then this online course is for you! We’ll take you through the basics, including the do’s and dont’s of the keto diet, and a low carb shopping list to help you navigate the grocery store.

To help you apply everything you have learned, the course ends with a comprehensive, 30-day meal plan packed with keto-friendly recipes.


  • Learn what the ketogenic diet is, and why it has become so popular
  • Learn about the science behind the ketogenic diet
  • Learn nutrition basics to help you understand and implement a keto diet, including types of carbohydrates, glycemic load, the glycemic index, and more
  • Learn the “rules” of a keto diet, including a downloadable low carb shopping list
  • Enjoy a 30-day keto diet meal plan, will full recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


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Module Overview

1 Course Workbook & Guidelines 6 What the Science Says
2 Introduction to The Ketogenic Diet 7 Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet
3 What is the Keto Diet? 8 The Leptin Equation
4 The Carb Cycle 9 Blood Insulin Levels
5 Lipolysis and Ketosis 10 Types of Carbohydrates
11 Glycemic Load and the Glycemic Index 16 Introduction to What You Can Eat
12 Reducing Carbs and Calculating Impact Carbs 17 Eat: Meat, Fish, Poultry and Seafood
13 Rules of the Ketogenic Diet 18 Eat: Fats, Dressings and Soy Vegan Protein
14 Evaluating Macronutrients 19 Eat: Vegetables
15 Types of Fat and Optimal Intake 20 Eat: Fruits, Nuts and Seeds
21 Eat: Herbs, Spices, Eggs, Dairy and Cheeses 26 Avoid: Sugary and Starchy Fruit
22 Eat: Zero Carb Drinks and Alcohol 27 Avoid: Starchy Vegetables, Grains and Starches
23 Eat: Miscellaneous and Snacks 28 Avoid: Legumes and Drinks
24 Avoid: All Sugars, Baked Goods, Sweets and Candy 29 Sample 1 Day Keto Menu
25 Avoid: Processed/Packaged Snacks and Dairy 30 Eating Out on Keto
31 Testing for Ketones 36 Day 2 - Meal Plan
32 Optional Supplements 37 Day 3 - Meal Plan
33 Frequently Asked Questions 38 Day 4 - Meal Plan
34 Introduction to the 30-Day Keto Meal Plan 39 Day 5 - Meal Plan
35 Day 1 - Meal Plan 40 Day 6 - Meal Plan
41 Day 7 - Meal Plan 46 Day 12 - Meal Plan
42 Day 8 - Meal Plan 47 Day 13 - Meal Plan
43 Day 9 - Meal Plan 48 Day 14 - Meal Plan
44 Day 10 - Meal Plan 49 Day 15 - Meal Plan
45 Day 11 - Meal Plan 50 Day 16 - Meal Plan
51 Day 17 - Meal Plan 56 Day 22 - Meal Plan
52 Day 18 - Meal Plan 57 Day 23 - Meal Plan
53 Day 19 - Meal Plan 58 Day 24 - Meal Plan
54 Day 20 - Meal Plan 59 Day 25 - Meal Plan
55 Day 21 - Meal Plan 60 Day 26 - Meal Plan
61 Day 27 - Meal Plan
62 Day 28 - Meal Plan
63 Day 29 - Meal Plan
64 Day 30 - Meal Plan
65 Workbook Submission Guidelines



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To successfully complete this course and earn a certificate, you must submit the course workbook for assessment. This workbook will be assessed on a Pass/Fail basis. The first assessment of the workbook is included in this course package, and re-submissions will incur a fee. Should you only wish to complete the course for personal experience, and do not require certification, you are not required to submit the workbook.

Tutor Support

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