Learn Reiki

Learn Reiki

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Learn Reiki

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In order to enjoy good physical, mental, and emotional health, we must learn to soothe our minds, relax our bodies, and calm our emotions. Reiki is the perfect tool to teach you all of this and more! Reiki is a holistic therapy and a popular system of hands-on healing that draws on several Eastern traditions, including Japanese Buddhism, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient medical system developed in India.

In this online course, we will introduce you to the traditional beginnings and modern practice of reiki. Together we will explore the theory and practice of reiki beginning with the basics, and ending with an exploration of advanced reiki practices and teacher training. By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge you need to choose a reiki practitioner for treatment or to continue on to First Degree initiation and begin self-treatment.


  • A beautiful, interactive course format optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
  • Learn what to expect from a typical reiki session, along with step-by-step guides to the hand positions used in reiki for treating both yourself and others.
  • Download a 24-page digital workbook filled with exercises to help you reflect on and apply what you are learning.
  • Enjoy 8 optional practical exercises that will help you to go deeper and apply complimentary therapies like meditation and journaling.


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Module Overview

1 Digital Workbook & Course Guidelines 6 Understanding Reiki
2 Introduction to Learn Reiki 7 Levels of Reiki
3 Introduction to the Basics 8 Practical Exercise 1
4 The History of Reiki 9 The Health Benefits of Reiki
5 What is Reiki? 10 What is Stress?
11 What is Anxiety? 16 Reiki & Holistic Health
12 Clean Living 17 Practical Exercise 2
13 Talk Therapy 18 Introduction to the Reiki Principles
14 Mindfulness 19 Anger
15 Other Everyday Actions 20 Worry
21 Honesty 26 Meridians
22 Honor 27 Symbols
23 Gratitude 28 Practical Exercise 4
24 Practical Exercise 3 29 Introduction to a Typical Reiki Session
25 Chakras 30 What to Expect
31 The Preparation 36 Introduction to the First Degree
32 The Healing 37 What to Look for in a Reiki Master
33 The Conclusion 38 Practicing Self-Treatment
34 Other Energy Treatments 39 Position 1
35 Practical Exercise 5 40 Position 2
41 Position 3 46 Position 8
42 Position 4 47 Position 9
43 Position 5 48 Position 10
44 Position 6 49 Position 11
45 Position 7 50 Closing Technique
51 Specific Treatment: Back Pain 56 Second Degree Initiation
52 Specific Treatment: Digestive Problems 57 Using Your Hands
53 Specific Treatment: Digestive Problems 58 Using Your Hands
54 Practical Exercise 6 59 Hand Positions: Head
55 Introduction to the Second Degree 60 Hand Positions: Body
61 Hand Positions: Legs 66 Master’s Level 1: Personal Mastery
62 Practicing Distance Healing 67 Hatsurei Ho: Method to Invoke Energy
63 Practicing Distance Healing 68 Hatsurei Ho: Method to Invoke Energy
64 Reiki and Children 69 Practical Exercise 8
65 Practical Exercise 7 70 Conclusion
71 Digital Workbook Submission Guidelines



What's Included?

This course package includes online access to our Learn Reiki online course, a downloadable course workbook, knowledge checks throughout the course, access to tutor support, an assessment of the course workbook, a certificate upon successful completion, and 3 months of course access time from when you first enroll in the course.


To successfully complete this course and earn a certificate, you must submit the course workbook for assessment. This workbook will be assessed on a Pass/Fail basis. The first assessment of the workbook is included in this course package, and re-submissions will incur a fee. Should you only wish to complete the course for personal experience, and do not require certification, you are not required to submit the workbook.

Tutor Support

This course package includes tutor support, which is available Monday to Friday. You can contact the tutor support team directly from your student dashboard. Tutors respond within 24-48 hours.


Anyone over the age of 16 can purchase and complete this course package. If you are under the age of 16 or wish to purchase this for someone under the age of 16, parental consent is required. Please contact customersupport@smartmajority.com for more information.

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